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Semi- private/ public space design with net zero earthwork 

Like the cut and fill strategy is used to treat sloped surfaces, where the amount of earth cut is equal to what is filled, we propose "Dig and Fill". We dig to create functional spaces and fill to create a landscape. Dig and Fill is the answer to creating utilitarian spaces without affecting the percent of green cover in an area. 

Building the future from the remains of the past

After the earthquake, once the commotion and panic of comforting people with shelter and food have sunk in, the burden of rebuilding a city leveled to the ground takes charge. "But what if the remains of the haunted past could lay the foundation for new memories", is the question we tackle with the design. Instead of spending millions in trashing out the debris, it becomes part of the new urban fabric. A new way of living.

Reminiscing life in an Indian Market

A very busy Chatwala Thela (Street food Hauker), old acquaintances chatting in the verandah, customers bargaining with old trusted shopkeepers. Such was the life in the famous Khan Market of New Delhi in the 1980s. Each and every individual had a role in the market. No one felt out of place. But today, Khan market is unrecognizable having lost all these intangible characteristics. In the proposed design I attempt to bring those back. 



09  /  09  /  2021


09  /  14  /  2021

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